04 June 2011

a young person's guide to pressboarding

do your best to keep an open mind
      stretch it out for weeks at a time
then    make the same mistakes your entire life

    but if it should happen to break tonight
if it should happen to break    like    like
i mean just go ahead and
     blink twice  if you hear it    or feel it
till you know that it’s right
           or at least until you’re sure that she might

a waterfall bend
be here tomorrow to do it again
             the best was worn against my neck
it was built on sand    what did you expect

the lies that bring the many smiles
wouldn’t burn   given time
   you’d think we’d learn  
maybe        right?

take one step closer to the light
that extra step   will loose the tight
      but don’t question fear   it could be right

evo   lution       that is why

something is riding on this
but you   don’t know what it is
    do you

    the next kiss

just don’t tell the kids
looking back
not sure why i did

a novella about pride in yourself  
 bringing it one step closer to health

proving for once that right    is a time

       is it leaped or leapt    you decide

                                                                each step one closer to    
                                                                               what  i’ll 

  The Execution of Emperor Maximilian -Edouard Manet 

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