26 June 2011

did we win tonight?
did we baby?
did we?

 george and homer declared an illegal assembly zone for the known and the unknown  the bound and batons  backed by a line of officers who all want    four fires  in the background  an arbitrary amount   who is keeping count   white towels coming in handy     rubber bullets have been using police and at least teargas designed to disperse the mob  has a job   here  in the province

along the  corridor grenades are using flash-bang police throw striking police know chairs below the knees some of the people with clubs  broke free and sent this   to me:

  • car is now on fire
  • by Captobvious via oud at 12:34 AM

black smoke billowing from george direction of grady mexican visible from rubber bullet corridor and  higher than a hippie on april twenty
by Ye Olde  Providence via banjo at 12:43 AM

gil was tear gassed as he tried to get out of the area at rubber bullet corridor    he danced like a toreador sang “it's goin on nineteen ninety four  people drinking doing drugs gonna be a long night from the cops”  he feels a little trapped  as police have shut off the streets at both ends, corralling actual people in with the bad apples
by Ye Olde  Providence II via bajosexta at 12:44 AM

On the streets LIVE and running so tight uptight upright   did we win tonight? did we baby?  did we?

                           trad. arr. -province reporters around the lower mainland
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  seen inside  carrying fire extinguishers and lutes    trying to stop them  violent fighting including blood stain women could be seen on the   sidewalk in a scene of ugly chaosby misterfrankfolger via cuatro at 12:49 AM
hummer  fan fire threatening power poles 
by ellenmanglobe via zither at 12:54 AM 

black smoke from soultrain coming fook   war zone
by davidlAurance via slither at 12:58AM

four police cars just blew NickHornby sirens lights pants  tight
 by antonyAndsudro via zither at 12:59 AM
skyline Vancouver from KurtisBlow talkin’ bas ket ball   and practice?  practice? we talkin’ about practice?  not a game   not a game  practice
by CallieKenzie via sitar at 1:02 AM

Crowd chanting "ole ole ole ole"
by lambjamb via hammerdulcimerat 1:03 AM

mountain bus transit service is pulling all   downtown area east toward ottowa
by sausagelink via barbat at 1:06 AM
Woo window down thru wood car 
by ellenmanglobe via zither at 1:07 AM 
Fire transformer now go heat up a yfrog 
by garymanglobe via bazouki at 1:07.5 AM

who said this wasn't dancing with the stars on cop cars  
by garymanglobe via bazouki at 1:08 AM
RCMP officer at Edmonds SkyTrain station tells riders ‘don’t worry be worry’
by mamasmartinlawrence via electric mandolin at 1:08 AM
 flames spotted they are trying to cop the light cars
by perrmydahling via parlor guitar at 1:08 AM

Police jump on rioters cars
by Ye Olde  Providence via banjo at 1:09 AM
george’s street empty and yearning for cops  big cops  small cops impenetrable to all cops all earning their $ tonight
by gahottoh via doublebass at 1:09 AM
A line of riot cops in Georgia gear is on Richard and slowly pushing him crowd westwards towards the Sea A smoke of cloud black is billowing out of a gatorade from 1968 between men
by Ye Olde  Providence via banjo at 1:09 AM
Lots of streets blocked off down here. Apparently gas has been fired down robson (not confirmed)  we wound up drunk again on robson street
by Ye Olde  Providence via banjo at 1;10 AM

this vacation sucks
by texashasnow via mouthharp at 1;13 AM


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