12 December 2012

a group of patriots attacked

what the fuck am i seeing
you want me to believe

some blue eyed korean
stuck telling lies
without any surprise
in the middle
of the street
on a sunday night

‘you’re a faggot’
at the top of his lungs
toward a mildly amused group
        of wanna be thugs
        pants hanging low
siging ‘bout a half ounce of blow

shuffling home from
the club

the show

on sunday
main street is full
of half-hearted
petulant stares
coming right outta eyes

resting on sneers
polishing the charm veneer

high heels


and seers

19 October 2012

i saw myself as them neutral in some ways but threatening in others

i saw myself as them
neutral in some ways
but threatening in others

before i took the big trip east
and that was well before you called the police
and before the court involved itself
i spent a lot more time close to the vest

you see
when you see it
and when you feel it
are two different things

the wind blows cold
you know
up on the niagara river
up above the snow
 from the southern tier
and that’s all about
868 miles away from here

but anyway
as i started to say
when you called the police
and told them it was you
that was beating me
when you told them
to stop you
and said
    all serene

‘that man isn’t any good
for anything’

you said it            like it was a relief
like your bitterness
was more than just belief
like you were somehow more
than                     just
a thief

we know better by now
it’s true
we know better by far

15 September 2012

with good reason

in an hour it’s wedding day
and the nerves either haven’t come
or won’t go away
it’s really hard to say

can you develop a tolerance?
to anxiety?

i think it’s there
it must be
stuck in my stomach
scratching at my hair

i’m not

does that mean
is it a hint?
or a rumor?

is it something to see?

wan hsuan said
that some things
you will only know
in time
and that just seems as easy
as you’d want it to be
it’s just so
to know that time
that great wounder of all heels
i think i got that one backwards
but it works that way too
  you know
so   yes

where was i?




“time makes lovers feel
like they’ve got something real”

and with good reason

with good reason

31 July 2012

this game of cat and mouse or that

it has come to a standstill
as those things do
or often will

there’s a laziness to july
that won’t go away on its own
and there is still
much to be done
we’re just waiting
on the sun

i wouldn’t say
that i have done wrong
or that it could have been worse
i mean
i’m sure
there’s something to be said
keeping silent
  takes nerve

you have to watch
to make sure
nobody gets hurt

 new shorts
new shirt
and the hair is pinned back
she cooked the lunch
she has tact
but there’s more to it

than that

my eyes close and
two beads of sweat find
  the back of my neck

but   llewelyn moss is still dead

which is not what i was led to expect

in this game of cat and mouse
         or that.