30 June 2011

thirty for thirty

june disappeared

i promised myself, and without really mentioning it- all of you, that i'd write and post 30 poems in the 30 days of june.  now that it's done i'm surprised/relieved/saddened and a little impressed with the body of work.  you may see similarities in the poems, i know that certain phrases popped up more than once but all in all it's a good start on a 'next book.'  i say 'next' because editor extraordinaire, patrick riedy, and myself are putting the finishing touches on my first print collection which will share a name with this blog.  the book won't contain all poems posted here and there are several in the book that haven't made their way to blogland yet.

i feel that time and space will eventually get them all over here.

thanks to all who are reading and a special shout out to those overseas reading daily or weekly.  i have a pretty good idea who the german page views come from but i'm mystified by the consistency of those from denmark each week.

i hope you're enjoying the writing and please feel free to comment if you'd like.

also, here are a couple of links that might be interesting:


wordpress site for intelligent writing and reading.

live reading

me reading a few from late june.

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