02 June 2011

the same sad indelible lines that used to be mine

another fourth of july

 we didn’t know why
to take the time
to    make the drive

 out to the new place

it's the same
the lack/look on your face and 

the same sad indelible  lines

    that used to be mine

make pretty peace

we drove from the east

in three  separate cars

the found side    the road

where no one else would go

walk through talk through trees

the house
nothing to get out

just little looks
and   talks about books

we leaned on hate        until it got too late

we had to go                 those things we had to know 

and there was

no time to decide

is it your world or mine

your world
or mine

                                                      used to be
you     left it all to me

harm o  ny

before the light fell

we said 
        we wished them well

 this really is such a lovely place

 photo by the marble tea


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