31 July 2012

this game of cat and mouse or that

it has come to a standstill
as those things do
or often will

there’s a laziness to july
that won’t go away on its own
and there is still
much to be done
we’re just waiting
on the sun

i wouldn’t say
that i have done wrong
or that it could have been worse
i mean
i’m sure
there’s something to be said
keeping silent
  takes nerve

you have to watch
to make sure
nobody gets hurt

 new shorts
new shirt
and the hair is pinned back
she cooked the lunch
she has tact
but there’s more to it

than that

my eyes close and
two beads of sweat find
  the back of my neck

but   llewelyn moss is still dead

which is not what i was led to expect

in this game of cat and mouse
         or that.

12 July 2012

chinese translation #26

after beginning could decide ending

four girls had intuition

jealousy known

never opulent

saccharine testament
under virtue

while xylose yearned