10 February 2012

the elaborate disuise

dreams also

      in dreams

which part of this

feels          best

matches the
left on tables
                        to eyes

enamored with guilt
                 the elaborate disguise

a smile for the world is worth more

it’s freezing
    and the city is on strike
the mark on my chest
            is knife-cut white

and i don’t know where to go
when it’s this late at night
                          but there are smiles
   coming to me from out side

               clouds and rainwater
       from a thousand miles
of ocean crossing
                crashing in style
   and leaving just in time
              to avoid ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’
    and bad techno songs
that make you move your feet
                 but don’t do a thing about the
people in the street

it’s not all

      the time has come


to batten       the doors
     take to the outside
                  reclaim it
   for weirdos

who know how to love
and let   love
            let it   go

turn it out to the streets
               of the biggest town you’ve seen
because a smile
           for the world
                  is worth more

than any queen’s shilling

than anything

06 February 2012

you’re the brightest scar in my life

   scuffed shoes
            the last day of school
it’s voodoo

you are the brightest scar
            in my life

02 February 2012

how do you feel about how you feel about it?

                     the truth escaped
                  from the lips
   of one of the victims

         now you’re gonna have to write it down
and it’s gonna get passed around


how do you feel
how you feel
                  about it