18 June 2012

my feet seems not my feet

is so tired

company with yuki
to the shopping street

my feet seems
not my feet

10 June 2012

the beginning and the end in one night

the train trip
to dali
we timed it perfectly
and did the whole thing in our sleep

was but a dream
the emergency hammer
was sharp
and hit hard in the dark
that must be how it broke both our hearts

09 June 2012

the international language of ...

   english wins

by arrogance alone

and consumer-culture
computer language


the beatles

07 June 2012

so narrow
                    so sharp

some things sink in
some take flight
how much hope do you need
to decide
i heard thirteen songs of hope
sung by a giant
who strains his bloodshot eyes to see the light

he knelt and prayed
he did it right
but somewhere in the distance
blame replied
‘you’ll need a ship
it’ll take some might’
may mean more to the husband
than the wife
you may feel it
but you can’t fly
sometimes you have to close your eyes
to get it right

here’s the catch
the edge
seek the comfort
keep the comfort
in your bed
you wouldn’t know
to see me cry
than none of this
and none of you
will survive

curly hair
told curly lies
she tried to make the day
seem like the night
in the end
she couldn’t hide
the very last thing she did
was force a smile

some things weak
some things shy
sometimes you have to close ‘em quick
close ‘em tight
blurry skies
burning bright

i have tried

                 i have tried

i have tried