13 October 2016

sometimes we do
       sometimes we don’t

it’s all very well and good
there’s tall and then there’s tall
it doesn’t happen to us all

but it does
it’s hard
            it’s tough
you see
        the time slipped by
and the odd coincidences
                        seem to multiply

it makes me think
of the things done ‘wrong’
as if there’s any stock in that
       as if it makes any sense at all
to wear a hat
        when the weather’s nice
when the weather’s warm
           when you need the time
  but you can’t get born
you can’t get blood
     from beneath that stone
it’s better for you
                         to be alone

and wiser
lovelier too
more of them
than there are of you
      try to recall how to get in
      how to make it stir
make it stick

the ugly’s as easy to see
as any beauty will ever be
              it’s right at the top
it hangs down to the knees
       never says ‘thank you’
               only says ‘please’
only makes use
of the things you can see
it hasn’t a moment for make believe

there’s a long, dark hallway
and a fisheye lens
       once again
that everything

on where you’re looking from
and what can be seen
that the blues are certainly
the greens

that the blacks are certainly 

         so close to the whites
that you’d mistake the two
               if it was late in the night
or early on such an important day

that time took time