14 June 2011

the quickening of Q T Lee

 la la la     lee le lee     i’ll be disappointed
         see      inevitable

meinyou   youinme
everyone  every thing

    yeah    this too 
   still seeking truth   searching roots    follow through
                  fiddle tunes  the pipes the pipes of old cancun
           furrowed gains neck to pain 
 head to head   median migraine

white girl problems    floating free     the quickening of  Q T Lee

hard words to hear two days post   
                    different alone  than the ones i had known 
        close the door so close to home  
                   the hidden hills are gone girl gone 

do you still turn those leaves    easy as it is to breathe  gertie cage   
     the threatening deafening  unsettling    
                       time it takes to leave  myth or mark on anything

she wore flip flops to the club  

keep doing what you’re doing see   cause this here  this   this is maddening   we suffering     chanty cheat   surrey sweet  surreptitious on a serif sea   
       shoes with laces is the way to be 

the way to blue    the way to me

the years wear well on those that make it do   that make the truth   hide the proof   start it out as something new   only to end   
              as shiny shoes   badnewsandblues    
                                   happy birthdays    too  
it’s your move    

the door was already open because the words   were already spoken
like a token  to the
those white girl problems the hanging heat
                 killing time   killing me

       resurrection is as much about when as it is about how
it’s already been decided you can’t un-decide it now

as the once dry eyes find two eighty five  
          an apology from the past says
‘it’s alright’     

by Michael Borremans

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