25 June 2011

one me one more one stare

the goal of this is fame

            but it's different   because

                    it's not just my name

content   w/CONtent       at thirty percent

          we got good by not being good

        it was noise

                    by human machines with machines made by humans recorded    by machines made by machines

              it was everything

                           gray and everything 

dawn of a decade
                                                      in a bar  in another bar
                                             the bear
                                    bear the bar

unnatural attachment  gallo shallow   mellow family mallow  in the same ole  same role  samo a big star  the new messiah’s at the big star  

calling it advanced 
                               will earn you an argument    part of it 
                                            and it’s arduous 
      the most language oriented   
                            of all the arts    
                                        how do you start
well      get it together                                 that's one part

do it

  i notice the lateness
and recall the early-ness
               just a warholic

outliving us all    only to fall  and break   the things it takes to enjoy the post-scar   cottonwood heart   air in the air  
one hour        one half            one care  
one (w)hole   
         one me one more one stare

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Riding with Death, 1988

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