10 June 2011

the luther lockwood memorial library

under direct influence of the working class

joe pug
and troy   new york

living in the shadow of something
there’s lenno's luther

tall gaunt a keen eye for the space

 and where the ball can be played. 
curly matted hair with a little sweat around the edges and a knee brace that feels like cheating

what you get
what you've got
is the steady hand of  decision making in the middle of the field
and the distribution to the fleet footed
and the hard workers

the crazies

they're here
 they're queer  
we're used to it

an every day occurrence and the ongoing assessment won't stop
no you don't stop 
the coffee is cold and there are enough sticks in the yard to turn your stomach or get you stuck in a tree

she said it was a trudge

that with her there were fits and starts but with me it seemed like an everyday battle through the trench where there was no such thing as lifting your knees about the flatline
and putting some distance between yourself
and the past

knees up mother broon

when you figure it as choice over chance
that's when the pressure increases
if you’re in control
then you’re responsible
there is no more blame to place there is only you
and the more you seek the more you're lost

travel is as tiring as you might think if you've ever rushed right along to the waiting

that's the part that you can't escape

nobody's timing is perfect
and a phone call a train whistle on a morning filled
with characters
and ankle pain

it's starting to get away from us you know


i know

the letter writing
the blahckandthebroon

there's a skittering along the rails and hoping i can talk gee into taking me to get something to eat

and eitzel
it is important throughout your life to proclaim your joy

                                               The Battle of the 'Kearsarge' and the 'Alabama' 1864 
                                                                               by Edouard Manet

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