19 June 2011

t h e
g r e

the g r e  

(this is the way your mind reasons when you're on that crap)

thank you to olivia
whose insight  as it turns out
was not needed

averages are very predictable
final thoughts
sample essays
twenty four times four is ninety six
dont' forget parts of speech
the geography of the math section
algebra into arithmetic
in order to solve for the average we need to know the total of those four numbers
geometry was never my friend and now it acts like we've never met
the clue is like an arrow straight and narrow but difficult to find the target
how to study
area = 15
at the testing center do not imbibe more than three shots of vodka
vodka is important because the testing administrator will not smell it on your breath
look at the russians
fine the story but sum it up
it owes YOU after all  you are the reason it exists
more tips for a higher GRE score
do not imbibe more than three shots of vodka prior to the quantitative portion of the test
you will only have 45 minutes so a martini is out of the question
every fraction can be a ratio for instance:
2 oz vodka
dude like splash of   light cream

that's 2:1:dudelikesplash = tie it together

this area formula works on any triangle
reading jamaican chickenscratch for stem words
kidney zealot
agony thrift
abrasion lubricant
energy restraint
seperate agony
servile fervor
predictable complex creative
the answer is likely to be 20% but WAIT A MINUTE
does it seem like the GRE has imbibed more than the maximum allowable three shots of vodka?
does it seem like a dream to you now
are your words caught somewhere between black and white and white and green and kind and mean?
do you have a malleable pliability?
are you             supple?
you are             nipple?
it's pretty obvious that x=1 but let's just finish it
beathimup beathimup beathimup

what if i don't know the answers to some of the questions that the answers didn't question that pembleton didn't asker that bayliss turned to frankenstein that bodymore murdaland

since debilitate is negative the antonym must be vodka

the synonym must be white chinese whiskey

the protonym must be alzheimer's disease

and the pseudonym must be tony paris

semperon, supian, antony and sooooosan

you must know this
it applies to every murder that you'll ever see, no matter what it looks like
there are some exceptions on the following page
this is not an exact science
it's more of a comedy routine with bodies
and blood
and corners
and turpentine

focus focus focus foucault

getting specific
the essay readers are looking for supportive ideas and exciting conclusions and a time share in puerto rico
their husbands/wives family is from there and they will trade you time share for an acceptable grade providing there is no weather interference or cloud cover to discredit the recovery and up the dosage on their own

after more than a decade fighting in support of a dubious political regime KarlRove decided to become completely amoral and began his ascent toward becoming devious-er, tryanical and unclean.

we can't easily escape the multiplication but it is rather easy to escape alabama

especially since there are interstate highways which lead directly to georgia.

the booze?

the booze you say?

let me look that up for you

we believe that limiting the imbibing of the vodka to three shots will make for more interesting points of view for the critical writing portion of our journey
should you or anyone next to you become incapacitated from the critical writing portion of the test you will be asked to dance


a leading doctor said

the general population recognizes my views as valid     or      lurid     or      placid



art science religion dichotomy democracy

heart conscience region dichogomy demography
ark        scepter     reliving    disaccharide       the rectory

letter press
led her press
let her rest
the letter S

Pablo Picasso

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