13 June 2011

will they hear sopranos
or those bone digging staylows

justice rumours    but that ain’t the truth
that’d mean that you figured out  what to  do
what to say   and which way   the wind blows   and goes gray
where it comes from   where it ends up     both  inches away 
determined to say 
      almost every day

the full flight pull  no shame in that  and sometimes
          the sun does rise     but whose eyes will see surprise
will they hear sopranos   or  those bone digging staylows  
are the soundwaves     the long days or simply the wrong way
and do they really mean anything

smile     you won’t   you don’t
why don’t you smile                                                                                     what you didn’t say when you asked me   to stay

kale kale kale 
                  cale kale  
     it’s like kale every day

then it was heard

‘who do you have to fuck to get some lou reed up in here?’

a buttoned up orange shirt 
seen to sigh  heard to hurt
hartcrane to heart
          torn completely apart

feet fastened to the past  
farewell  to rusty  dusty  and maps   

chimes   rhymes  derelict times
on a dime
in line
 don’t worry
 it’s fine

that walk was long and it hurt the girl  after i hurt the girl  but before the rest of the world   before the cheap english prof  with a haircut cough  took advantage of the planted blew the whole thing off

bone tangled words
  taking the third  and exchanging the hurt for    socks and a shirt  like the best of us learn and the rest of us yearn for timing downturns in this economy and waiting for someone else to make us free   can’t be couldn’t be wouldn’t be     

but there were no flowers as far as i could see
         the closest they got were good looking weeds
and that didn’t have anything to do with me
       they picked the time and the temperature before the disease
then made it mine with a wink   a hand holding decree
and certain situations let the sights just see   
 the sea   the we 
                  in the best of the me

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