09 June 2011

a serious silent way she holds her face

it’s difficult to not fall in love with charlotte gainsbourg
       at first second or third sight
mid to late november  afternoon   or night

    morning        bright    

the look isn’t french
        if french were a look and not a language   an animal  granted
used and abused by careless women

still  you mustn't resist the dark of the hair and the pull of the lips
to kiss to wish to miss just this    lips  lip enough to affect the  abyss
        of darkened eyes  laugh lines  and street light  sifted
through smiles and lies   clipped  to collide

a singer in the rain
eno   in the movies
judy’s horses
a boy who’s just like me

                                   fucked up insides      
                                          ugly getting uglier

every cigarette is a lie
      even the smoke gets too fucking high
and only cleared throats get to decide
         like it ever could be nineteen hundred and sixty five

                     she knows success   mad love and duress

never worried enough to iron a shirt
             or hold it close enough    to hurt

is it a fling if you flirt   or only if it works

                if the letters learned should be read or be earned

   so take your tornado  the cause of concern
           sit close to the aisle in case anything burns
anything of hers  words  yours

fluid lung epiphany     caught and hung
                        by the neck until dead
limp shoulders smileshoulders  the heart of the head
       left  wishing for hands and three hit demands


         slave ships
are trouble     inviting cello sonatas
four o’clock   sunday
hearing difficulty
       voices   choices are furthered     foisted
synagogue steered
used up but not near   not nearly enough to turn up or tune up

      there is a serious silent way   she holds her face    framed  in english the famous' fate

and no one ever says 'there's not enough weight'

or  ‘the show must go on’
in fact
       nobody ever calls it a show
and it nev
er goes  on or
but someday we know

 it will

move ghost green hills   
with jet black wood
hepburn understood     the half turn
                               and  to
sleep while the sleep
while the  getting is good

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