21 June 2011

if the question is of trust
i will jump into the ocean

i suppose it’s not a loss   guess i can keep on living   you have never come across as signified by giving   if i get caught not in practice what i’m preaching   on about i’ll go practicing deception    try to convince i to change the operation  the problem is myself   a jealous aberration  never dream long enough to escape remuneration  for  many ill thoughts in practiced desperation

it’s just a deed i know but there is every emotion and so preoccupied with the greed of fallacy in motion   if the question is of trust 
                                               i will jump into the ocean        
                                              an easier escape when practicing devotion

last little surprise fails to tempt reaction   all need and crying eyes  gives us both some satisfaction  could forever fall this way can’t seem to get my traction   see   my head   over the line

                  practicing distraction

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