03 June 2011

deep in love with common sense

    the moon came up
                  in the sky
            end of march 2009

songs were sung just a little further west

                    or north   to test    the best and then   the rest

the continent
          before the tears
all along   the safer fears

       the way to home is only sleep
                   sing to mesing to mesing to me

                                the nightmare is just as sweet

 furious week hemorrhaging cash
          running low on every thing but   dash
     secret self   secret stash

twenty four ways to be alone

not a single one says ‘stay at home’

                 or ‘god bless the child that won’t condone the bicycle thief of hadley homes’

not a single one has any way
 to make a call   to make a play
the color’s bright on lauren gay
  and  lives are led on saturdays

 ‘i’ll be doing some things differently’
 but  leave things out to do with me
the youngest one did save my life
like neutral milk                       halloween night
or all through august ‘98
back when i believed in fate   
you see  

every face could hide the hope
    of caring hands and wishes wrote
                                           half as tall as needed be
                 full of fools   feeding sleep   
                                            with cheap  sheep    come to creep

leave the ground to find the sky
when words fail
you're left with eyes
that didn’t know or wouldn’t tell
and tried to mean ‘it’s just as well’

 what i see when comes the time
in lower days  by lantern light
you did go gently   without a fight
into that good  that good goodnight

just enough    to  pay the rent

          deep in love with common sense   

and most of all          


Portrait of a Kleptomaniac by Theodore Gericault

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