22 June 2011

when you had time to sleep to dream

i had a dream there were more canvases   
                                                            metaphor    for what i forget to give    almost certainly manufactured in the daylightgraylight earlymorning hours western new york time warning   a full sixth of happy june gone girl gone  language strewn   song sung true   sung  new and you couldn’t believe that i knew  but i  knew   i know and it shows   so   you don’t think that indian girl is made out of love   well let me tell you man she is were and   was   we don’t know her insides we can’t dream that high and even if we could there'd still be the little problem   of the lies   and i   i   the minutes rush by   into the future   to when cicada sings apologies but not to him   she wouldn’t/couldn’t   only sighs in her sunlight  so bright   the taillights  say   ‘bye’    but i say ‘bey’  and think what he might say   to me or to her which words might get heard or leap off of the page for those in the late stage 

playing alone for lonely own for only  

                                                                      little cicada cried real tears 
and begged me to take her home even though neither of us had a home we’d dare to call our own but we're dying to make it known that famous isn’t famous anymore   that the test of time is also the score and what’s more   lemon sits uneasily in red plastic cancer hopes to be free one day like the answer that lingering look from a derelict dancer in a future expansive  expensive and unknown   lone loan lonely but never alone    

to me that may never be but if you squint your eyes perfectly the time you see might just read like something you thought that the world couldn’t be   
back when you had time to sleep   to dream

daisygreendaisy by Henry Xavier Porter 1991

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