18 June 2011

c for calvin
c for clifford

c for calvin c for clifford
            they broke the record

         cut what makes sense
what makes me nervous 

       shut it down
 turn around
   least of all
common ground

     this is your favorite movie
no wonder you’re depressed
       don’t tell me he did it
did it sound like he did it
he did it    he did it
      could it
would it

no        of course not
did that sound like a gunshot

          okay  it did   the harm was his
so here i sit

and there is no tangerine slice
it’s one hundred and twenty percent black and white
   it’s an ode
an homage
to a different time
made by a different man
who didn’t need spotlights

he did need starlets and circus nights
     but words on the page
had to suffice
 until the celluloid soon made everything right

left siobhán and the shy one
         to i a l diamond
under cover of the california night

these boys
      made it so that the sun wouldn’t shine
unless it happened to ask
and if it was wearing a mask
          then what’s rising would last
into the into the into the    past
with a look   and a laugh
honor intact
   never pander to anyone that’s just a fact

he told the truth like a magazine
               centerfold    beauty queen

it’s just that no one is listening
    to him    or
to me


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