15 June 2011

the near future

go directly to ‘bryter layter’ and listen repeatedly to ‘northern sky’

then meet me under the western new york bright star light for the first snow of the new season  late in the fall  geographical treason won’t matter at all  stand under those stars   marbles in hearts let the falling snow fall   over us all  breathe       and long      sing that song

never felt magic     crazy as this


but not      you

today was different the air was wetter there were phone calls designed to remember to forget her and i appreciate your idea that it will get better    someday in one way she’d tell us to let her

we deal with finance     finance and feeling that alone will get things reeling   and shaking like memories firm in the making  hard not to notice the word wake in awaken   on the monday in spring    she was finally taken

      and i know   to be awkward near you  has a future  

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