17 June 2011


that is you?

  i didn’t know it but  that’s
      one of my favorite suits
how it hangs in the air and in water it moves
the perfect line    the ways of truth
so often these days    simply elude
            definition   contrition   volition  vermouth

circle lined eyes
         wait for some miles
to smile   and try   to simply unwind
a weeks worth of difference   surreal and supine
              a matter of meaning   moral and mine

do not interrupt the turn
     i made the mistake   but then i learned
that you have to tend the fire if you expect it to burn
         any wrong  winterlong  furious   firm
the problem with smoke  in the sky    northern

 eyes   four and then
 twenty four  two thousand ten
      i knew you then
you walked with acumen   and violence
sing song singed       bastian

enough distraction to re-understand
    that this alone  to any man
moves fast enough    replete     unplanned
          to  underscore the winning hand
monday    thirteen   desired 

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