06 June 2011

one step short of the truth
with so much left to lose

four o’clock

      and what to do with   nervous hands

            wandering glances

find   the street
        the hard concrete
whatever sun might have the time   to shine
 whatever grey clouds hang around  your mind

                        you say ‘kerouac’   and ‘coffee black’

            but neither really interests me
beyond what might be termed ‘necessity’

so     best wishes to the bride 
congratulations to the  groom
on their new zealand honeymoon

watch for liars   deep in weeds
     who might just fuse your wants   to your needs
when that kind of trouble starts in to breathe
        peace can really be anything

a short list of your demands   
              1 study hands 
                  2 feel  land 

take the time to follow through
        words align   but still elude
one step short of the awful truth
        still with so much left to do

the open-hearts train came   and the  broken-hearts train   went
     both tended   to breed  the discontent
in different ways    
                         for different things   

eyes   shine  fire to light
       on the farm
easter night

try to ‘closer’ but turn away
       give up the gain
like every day

 con   gress to   reality
there is much that can be made of   me
build blocks     swing doors
    twice toured
                         once torn

the backside often feels like   braille
          the front just longs for holy grail
 if you’re gonna leave
           leave   a trail
so i can find your way to hell

there’s so much you haven’t said yet
          like these domestic cigarettes
you might love me   but i’ll make you sick
i think i already did

                                 this is me right before i quit the staylows

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