15 November 2013

the girls might tell you different

those girls
who made that choice

got their hair done up
and made their eyes go dark
and then
that darkness
made its way
to their hearts

they studied hard
they play the part
comprise almost sixty percent of the ones
on the old path
the one that people used to want

they know the precise temperature
of the average human heart
like somebody can
or does

like such a thing could be
like it just                      was

your heart gets added to a data set
and that’ll tell you how you should feel
like the collectivist pressure
to want the right things
like we think we’re immune
because of geography

because of stars
and bars
a history of
‘rugged individuality’

like that’s something in the genes

the girls might tell you different

if you listen to them

it’s full of sighs
it’s tired

it’s deep

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