15 December 2011

you know it's time for you to go

 in the company of corpses
      three nights
   three times

   and then
it’s up to me

they don’t say anything
they aren’t listening
one shifted
and turned in the night
i woke
with a start
   asked ‘is everything allright?’
   before i chance remembered
before i gave to flight
   i tried

now   i no more read it
than lived it
      that’s just the facts
the fuse was dipped
then lit
   it glowed a good long time
      in low light

the higher the hang
the more dead   the ore
and that leads directly
   back to the corpse

have no doubt that the logic is sound
the sun comes up
just as surely as it goes down
now   if you’d come in the summertime
when there’s more accommodating ground
when the sight doesn’t much bother
    with the sound
and the hills hold fate
in the meaning of song
   they know how to sing
how to sing along
and undone

that’s english
where you feign death
the pressure works
from either end
to your middle


big pressure
waits for words
understands what is heard
friendly chinese
two hours
or three

do not use
   this time
to explain
      use the time
to reclaim the remains
is your name

that water was cold enough
and the bottle filled right on up
but   i bow out
hold back
   held down
         it is no worry of mine
on a black horse
   for hope
and through the kind of rain
that only wants to be

it weeps
  then it moans

you know it’s time
      for you to go

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